How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers

Everyone knows that watching movies is better in the cinema for how to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers, It is because of the large screen and surrounds sound allows you better to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film. But not everyone knows that a cinema can make in their apartment. And almost everyone can make it a reality. You don’t have to have a separate big house and a lot of money on this. Home projection can be performed quickly and efficiently without any special skills. The ambition, the capacity to use a computer, and a little money you ‘d always spend on a TV.

How to Get Sound From Projector to Speakers?

In this article, I will share my experience of setting a Projector and Sound System in my apartment. The article does not claim to be scientific. I will write simply and clearly for ordinary people. Get Sound from Projector to Speakers then you will need.

  • Projector
  • Sound system
  • Computer
  • Screen for projector
  • Window filters

Choosing A Projector

There are two main types of projectors – LCD and DLP. The projector and sound system are other types, but they will not consider due to their enormous cost. In a projector, the highest priority characteristics are picture quality (saturation, brightness, contrast) and image resolution.

Image Quality

The LCD projector is safer for the eyes. More saturated in colors – DLP projectors. The better the image quality of an LCD projector, the higher its cost. When comparing approximately the same projectors in image quality, the cost of DLP will be lower. And in the same price category, the image quality of a DLP projector will be better.

There’s a minor adjustment to be made here. If you have a decent LCD projector that is equivalent to the cost of a decent screen, the image would be somewhat similar to that of a standard movie theater. You won’t note the difference, at least without contrasting the two pictures in turn. I opted for eye health and safety and opted for an LCD projector.

Projector Resolution

The minimum acceptable resolution for a high-quality picture in HD format – 1280 × 720 pixels. Most movies on DVD and the Internet do not exceed this resolution. If you find a movie in good quality with an image resolution of 1280 × 720, then the picture quality will be excellent on a projector with the same decision. I do not recommend taking a lower resolution of the projector for watching movies. 1920 x 1200 is the maximum image resolution for home projectors today. Should you buy a projector with this screen resolution? Yes, if you are going to watch films in this resolution and if finances allow. I have a projector with a resolution of 1280 × 720. When I bought it, 1920 × 1200 resolution was just coming into vogue, and projectors with that resolution were expensive.

Today, these projectors have dropped significantly in price and are available to a wider range of people.

I sometimes watch videos on the screen at a smaller resolution than the screen requires. It’s not always easy to see a video with such a screen size as 1280×720. So once you download from the Internet, it’s still faster to download a 1.5-gigabyte file than to wait for a 6 GB video to be downloaded. movies with lower resolutions are also pleasant to watch. But when you put a movie in good quality with a resolution of 1280 × 720, you remember how awesome the image can be. Now then what is so afraid of many? The consumable in the projector is a lamp. She has a limited shelf life and is approximately from 1500 to 4000 hours. Depends on the modernity of the projector and the intensity of its work. In any Projector and sound system, it is possible to make the picture brighter and less bright. After the end of lamp life, you will have to change it. It is expensive, but the lamp will last for a long time. These hours will be enough for you for several years. For three years of operation, the projector has worked for 1700 hours in different modes and only recently announced that it was time to change the lamp.

At the same time, I do not change it yet and continue to look like this. I did not notice any deterioration in the quality of the picture.

Sound System

Best Sound System

How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers?

A good sound requires you need several speakers located in different parts of the room and a subwoofer. There are 5: 1 and 7: 1 audio system. In the first five columns, in the second 7. I have a 5: 1 audio system. Music speakers come in many varieties, but if you don’t want them on your floor, look for ones that can be wall-mounted or placed on a shelf. I didn’t need shelves. My speakers simply hung on nails. It is advisable to get a good puncher. Without it, drilling into walls will be a long and painful process. I spent many hours and ruined a lot of drills before realizing that torturing myself like that was unnecessary. With a good hammer drill, drilling the holes took seconds. The column has a special hole on which you can hang it. It is how it will look in limbo. We carefully run all the wires from the speakers along the wall and remove them under various barriers. Most of the wires go under the skirting board. Usually, the wires supplied with the speakers are limited to a certain length, which may not be enough. I didn’t have enough. I had to buy longer wires. You measure the distance that you need and buy wires with the same connector at the end. Immediately you need to buy an adapter for the wires that go to the speaker. The connector of the adapter is the same on all sides.

Connecting the Projector and Sound System to a Computer

A computer is required to display the image. Anyone capable of playing movies and having the necessary connectors will do. The highest quality picture from the projector depends on the type of connection. As a rule, the projector immediately contains a variety of connectors for connection. And the more modern type of connectors for a connection you choose, the better the image will be. My projector originally connects via HDMI and the computer via DVI. For this, I bought an HDMI to DVI-D cable for 10 meters, but 7 meters would be enough. The same goes for the adapter wire; it was necessary to purchase a longer one. All wires are neatly led out from under the table and can be easily disconnected if necessary. When I switched from a stationary computer to an Apple laptop, I had to buy an Apple Mini Display port to DVI video adapter (Adapter INT). It costs from 100 to 200 USD; the price depends on the brand of the manufacturer.

Screen For Projector

An essential element of the cinema is the screen for How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers. The better it is, the better the image quality you will get. I bought a 280 cm wide projector screen – almost the maximum size of the wall. When it arrived, it didn’t fit into the freight elevator. I had to drag him up the stairwell. It turned out that it is also not so wide. Then it was necessary to remove the box, and only in this case, right next to the walls, did we raise it. Keep this in mind if you experiment with these dimensions in your apartment. First, think about how you will enter it. The size of the screen almost played a cruel joke again when I hung it on the wall. To hang the screen for the projector, you need to push it into the special slots. If the projector were a little wider, I would not be able to hang it on it. Or it would be necessary to do it by handicraft methods. Therefore, when choosing a screen width, be sure to leave a small free part from the walls. I have it a little more than 20 cm.

Mount the screen for the projector

I purchased the most affordable projector wall screen – Pro color Diffusion-Screen D2 Matte White. The image quality is excellent on the screen.

Features of this projector screen

  • 213 * 280 cm
  • Diagonal: 352 cm (4: 3)
  • Surface: highly reflective
  • Weight: 11KG
  • Cost: 7500 rubles

Instead of a wall, the screen can hang on the ceiling. Thus, you can combine the projector and TV on the same wall. The screen for the projector unfolds.

Securing The Projector and Sound System To The Ceiling

For a long time, my projector was on the shelf until I was ready to hang it on the ceiling. To do this, I had to buy a Peerless PRS-UNV ceiling mount for 300 USD. An online shop contractor has sent me an extra barbell for the brace. As it turned out, the bar was free, and I had to go back and redeem it. The ceiling in the apartment is already low, so I didn’t want to lower the project Hang the projector from the ceiling in a part of the room where you can achieve the maximum image width you need.

Window Filters

The last thing you need is to curtain the windows with something. In my case, I decided to hang light filters on the windows. It is not a prerequisite for a home theater; you can do it with curtains, However, light filters take up less space and better protect against light penetration into the apartment. Also, light filters do not reduce the size of the room.

General View Of A Room With A Home Theater

The whole process of building a cinema in your apartment can do gradually. I bought a projector and a screen first. A year later, I bought a mount and made light filters for the windows. In the total cost, I will not count the sofa or bed on which you will be looking, as well as the light filters. So everyone has all this in one form or another and additional costs are not required.

Total Cost To Build A Projector and Sound System (Speakers):

Projector – 600 USD
Projector screen – 100 USD
Speakers – 40 USD
Ceiling mount – 30 USD
Cables and adapters – 55 USD
Total – 900 USD


Q.1 : What cables do I need to use to connect the projector and sound system?

The necessary cables will depend on the ports that are present on the projector and speaker system. A 3.5mm audio cable, an RCA audio cable, or an HDMI cable with ARC capacity are examples of frequently employed cables.

Q.2 : Can I use my projector to connect wireless speakers?

You can pair your projector and wireless speakers wirelessly if they both support Bluetooth or other communication methods. Ascertain that your speaker system can connect wirelessly to the projector since certain projectors may have restricted audio output opportunities.

Q.3 : How can I be sure that the audio and video are in a period of time?

For a perfect knowing experience, audio and video synchronization and also known as lip-sync—is necessary. Some audio and projection equipment has lip-sync adjusting capabilities. If you notice audio lag, find the lip-sync adjustment settings in your projector and speakers’ user manuals and make the required modifications.


As you can see, the amount is quite real to collect for How to Get Sound from Projector to Speakers. Sometimes you are surprised when you see home theaters for tens of thousands of dollars in programs. It is clear that there is no price ceiling here, but this is often misleading. Say, such a pleasure is costly.