Top 6 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under 500 In 2023

The best floorstanding speakers under 500 from leading manufacturers are high-tech systems with original design solutions. Currently, the concept of “Speakers” about audio does not mean at all – bad. Modern production technologies are at such a high level that even in the budget segment, you can choose a decent option. It proves by the presented review of Hi-Fi acoustics, which included the best, according to our experts, Best budget active speakers. The presented list is not a rating of Best mini speakers in 2023.

It is just a list of devices with their pros and cons, which you can pay attention to when choosing excellent speakers for a home at an affordable price.

Recommended Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500 Mid-Range

To choose the most quality suitable speakers for your home (office, workplace, etc.).

You need to determine your expectations from this technique and analyze how your requirements correspond to a particular model’s technical characteristics.

  • type of system – active or passive;
  • method of placement;
  • format
  • the material of manufacture;
  • power
  • number of stripes
  • frequency range


Active acoustics provides that the system equips with its receiver, and the user does not have to deal with the coordination of amplifier power and output signals. Unlike passive speakers, this type’s acoustics are less dependent on the specifications of the playing device. Passive of the speakers are usually cheaper than active speakers, always but you will have to buy a good separate receiver and make all sound settings yourself.

According to the placement method, the speakers divide into:

  • Floor
  • Wall mounted
  • Shelf
  • Recessed

The speaker’s format is the connection diagram and the number of speakers that the speaker system has five speakers (2 front and three rear) and one subwoofer. As the speaker’s material for the manufacture of cases, wood, or plastic use, a wooden case is preferable because it rattles less.

Edifier R2730DB
Edifier R2730DB
  • In these floor standing speakers, Edifier still abandoned his favourite metal diffusers: all three bands are
Creative T30 Wireless
Creative T30 Wireless
  • These speakers can hardly be called audiophiles, but their two bands of sound and power sound pretty good, especially at the
Edifier S351DB
Edifier S351DB
  • Outwardly, the Edifier acoustic set “inspire” is a deliberately open diffuser of an eight-inch subwoofer, two-way speakers
Logitech Z533
Logitech Z533
  • In this set of computer acoustics, Logitech used their favourite circuit: the amplifier hidden in the subwoofer, the volume and
Logitech Z333
Logitech Z333
  • This multimedia computer speaker is simple, but its sound is not so bad: the subwoofer does not force small midrange frequencies
Logitech Z120
Logitech Z120
  • Simple speakers are connected using a USB-connector – this is especially convenient for owners of laptops. Best Small Speakers size allows you to take

1. Edifier R2730DB Best Floorstanding Speakers Under 500

In these floor standing speakers, Edifier still abandoned his favorite metal diffusers: all three bands are played out by fabric speakers, albeit imitating the classic “Edifier” aluminum.

Tweeters – 19 mm, silk, midrange – 116 mm. For low frequencies, a pair of 178-mm speakers is responsible.

The amplification is again separate, and two forty-watt channels operate on the bass, the midrange, and treble – 14 watts per speaker.

Electronics are hidden inside the right speaker; controls located on its side panel (duplicated by infrared remote control). Best budget active speakers owner can adjust the level of high and low frequencies separately, the volume control at the same time also switches sound sources by successive clicks on the end of the handle. And you can connect to the acoustics two linear sources by “tulips” (by the way, the inputs have different sensitivity – 500 and 700 mV), The sound came out noticeably “warm,” which was not the case with Edifier speakers with metal diffusers. Basses do not come to the fore in it; the middle is pleasantly detailed. The sound stage built well, and the bass reflex ports deployed on the listener do not significantly affect the sound character. So we can admit that the speakers turned out to be successful in general, and they are useful not only for computer games or dubbing films, but they can also master music in good quality. Unless I would like to still tweeters are classic – inch “domes.”

Edifier R2730DB


  • Decent sound with a well-crafted mid
  • Power reserve, which for the room is enough without twisting the volume to full and the growth of sound distortion
  • An abundance of different audio inputs


  • The desktop controller for computer acoustics is still more convenient than the remote control
  • Dimensions (exceptionally in-depth) and weight (18 kg in total) – not everywhere you put

2. Creative T30 Wireless Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

These speakers can hardly be called audiophiles, but their two bands of sound and power sound pretty good, especially at the “top” – silk tweeters work out their price well.

In addition to the line-in, a Bluetooth connection is also provided here, with support for high-quality aptX audio transmission and fast pairing with NFC devices.

These speakers can be recommended to laptop owners – taking them with you will not have to disconnect the line cable all the time. Still, the ability to listen to music from a smartphone or smart TV with Bluetooth will not be superfluous either.

Best budget floor standing speakers designers provided for separate adjustment of the tone on each of the two bands, b the possibility of adjusting the sound for yourself is quite sufficient here. Headphones also provide, and the proprietary “creative” auto-off technology will help forgetful people – when the sound transmission stops, the speakers themselves will “fall asleep.”

Creative T30 Wireless


  • Ability to work with both USD and wireless connections
  • NFC can Support
  • Excellent “top” acceptable for such bass dimensions


  • None

3. Edifier S351DB Standing Speakers 2023

Outwardly, the Edifier acoustic set “inspire” is a deliberately open diffuser of an eight-inch subwoofer, two-way speakers with titanium inch tweeters, and long-stroke 3.5-inch mid-frequency speakers (moreover, if you touch the diffusers, you can make sure that they do not imitate aluminum, but they also made of it). True, this also raises logical suspicions that the sound, as a result, will be more “movie-playing” than “musical” – metal diffusers are nevertheless very specific. The total acoustics power is 150 W, of which 80 are “taken over” by the subwoofer.

The kit does not have a separate wired controller, some of the settings place on the side of the right speaker (volume, treble/bass levels, signal source selection) – this is not always convenient. Fortunately, the kit also has a wireless remote. Another drawback of this design is that the speakers are connected with DIN connectors, if necessary, to extend the cables, you will have to use a multicore cable, through which signals and control from the right will go. Namely, the signals: separate band amplification is applied here, that is, in each satellite, the mid-frequency, and tweeter connect to different stages of final amplification The set of inputs is decent: you can connect linear sources with tulips, digital sources via optics or coaxial cable, use Bluetooth (aptX is supported). In principle, if speakers are bought individually for a computer, this will be even extra: if you are so worried about sound quality to use optics, many will choose acoustics and amplification of the “non-computer” class. The sound of the acoustics, which confirms the expectations, cannot be called music lover – the subwoofer pushes the air more than it works out the sound of low frequencies, the middle is pale in detail and at the same time is sharp. Playing with an equalizer can achieve a more even picture, and lovers of electronic music are likely to be satisfied anyway. For movies, games, watching TV, the acoustics are suitable without any complaints, Best floorstanding speakers under 500.

Edifier S351DB


  • Two-way satellites with bi-amp “out of the box.”
  • Lots of inputs, including digital
  • In general, good sound, taking into account the positioning of the speakers as computer ones


  • Inconvenient physical management
  • Short speaker cables are not as easy to extend as a common terminal or “tulips.”

4. Logitech z533 Best Budget Floor Standing Speakers

In this set of computer acoustics, Logitech used their favorite circuit: the amplifier hidden in the subwoofer, the volume and bass level control on a wired controller.

Unlike the “younger” model Z333, an AUX-input jack appeared on the controller in addition to the headphone output, and the “twist” itself became larger. The acoustics also added in power: a subwoofer from 24 W to 30 W, satellites – from 8 W to 15 W. The subwoofer itself “plumped” from 2.5 kg to 4 kg, which benefited him: with thicker walls, the body digests better LF peaks. And the subwoofer for a standard room (especially since it’s not fair to remove it from the speakers — the satellite and remote control cables aren’t enough) is more than enough: it can “plump” special effects in games or movies so that you can jump on a chair from unexpectedness. The speakers in the satellites are still small, but with a decent amplitude-frequency response. The always main thing is to give them an initial “break out” to get rid of the plastic smack in the sound. After that, it suddenly appears that the “top” and “middle” on these satellites are quite useful for computer acoustics. A curious feature of the model is the presence of as many as three analog inputs: one AUX on the controller. Behind the subwoofer, there is a similar 3.5 mm jack and two tulips that can use simultaneously. Complete with speakers is a jack-jack cable for connecting to a sound card, but with it, the speakers can begin to hiss significantly – in this case, you should use a good jack-tulip cable. This set (more precisely, its amplifier) ​​has one feature that should take into account: the speaker has an auto-shutdown to save energy, which can also be triggered simply with a long low-level signal at the input. Therefore, when connected to a computer, it is best to set the system volume to 100 and adjust the sound only by the controller. We also point out the controller’s rotation too easy – the volume is easy to bring down with a random touch.

Logitech Z533


  • Good sound for this type of acoustics
  • Powerful enough (but at the same time entirely playing, and not just “thumping”) subwoofer
  • Connecting external sources through the controller


  • The standard speaker and controller cables are short, and the controller should make it on the connector.

5. Logitech Z333 best Floorstanding Speakers 2023

This multimedia computer speaker is simple, but its sound is not so bad: the subwoofer does not 

force small midrange frequencies to be “laid out” in the spectrum, so the set came out balanced, albeit far from the high end, to watch movies or listen to music. Many people will like a curious solution with volume control: Logitech added a convenient desktop remote control “twist,” connected to an amplifier by wire. When the Best floorstanding speakers under 500 are somewhere on the shelf, it is much more convenient than aiming at the photodetector with a conventional infrared remote control—headphones connected to the same “twist” on the side. Alas, you always have to pay for everything: the speaker’s functionality of the Z333 is extremely limited, which is understandable for such a price.

A connection is possible only through the line input; of all the adjustments, only the bass level is available. On the other hand, you don’t need more computer multimedia acoustics: there is an equalizer on the computer, and not everyone likes to overpay for unused ones.

Logitech Z333


  • Good sound for the speaker of this level
  • Convenient remote adjustment


  • Top detail weak

6. Logitech Z120 Best Small Speakers

Simple speakers are connected using a USB-connector – this is especially convenient for owners of laptops.

Best Small Speakers size allows you to take speakers with you.

The speakers play quite confidently, but you should not expect very high sound quality from them. In the end, no subwoofer amplifies the low frequencies.

Logitech Z120


  • Compact size
  • Low price
  • Quality assembly
  • Long enough cables


  • Low power
  • Easily soiled

Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Floorstanding Speakers Under 500 for Your Computer?

We understand speakers for PCs and laptops.

What happens, what features different models have, and, in the end, which one is better to buy.

How to Choose Speakers for Your Computer?

Strictly speaking, if you have a laptop, you can connect to any wireless speaker via Bluetooth.

The same can be done with a PC (you just need to buy a module), but leave the solutions with batteries for entertainment. And for the computer, we select the full multimedia speakers. Just what? Let’s figure it out in order.

Wired or Bluetooth?

Computer speakers can also have a wireless connection. Moreover, as a rule, it is duplicated by wires.

Moreover, there are models with an SD card slot – this allows you to record music on the card and turn it on, not including the computer. For example, such a function exists in such a Defender model:

Regardless of the type of connection, the acoustics is a component set of two or more speakers and a power amplifier, which can be built-in into the housing of one of the speakers or separate.

Depending on the number of components in the system, multimedia speakers are divided into ten types, indicated by numbers, for example, 1.0 or 5.1.

The first digit indicates the number of columns in the system. There are two of them in system 2.1.

The second digit indicates the presence or absence of a subwoofer – a special speaker for reproducing low frequencies.

Again, in system 2.1, there is a subwoofer – the music on such speakers will be with deep, rich bass.

What speakers are designed specifically for the computer?

Typically, computer stores sell multimedia speakers of types 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, and 5.1. We will tell you more about each of them.

  • 0: mono speaker
  • 0: stereo speakers
  • 1: stereo speakers + subwoofer
  • 1: fronts, center + subwoofer


If you often listen to music or it is essential for you that a shot of your virtual shotgun sounds as realistic as possible, take speakers of this type – that is, models with a subwoofer. Like speakers 2.0, systems 2.1 are characterized by a total power (from 25 to 65 W), which includes the total power of two speakers and a subwoofer, Speakers can be single-band or two-way, and the power of the subwoofer determines how much the sound will “swing the dance floor” – if it matters to you, choose a kit with a subwoofer more powerful, 2.1 systems are powered only from the network, and their audio output can be both 3.5 mm and RCA.

Whenever possible, we fundamentally select models with a 3.5 mm jack, so as an example of an excellent 2.1 audio system.


Q.1 : How do I set up and position floor-standing speakers for optimal performance?

To achieve superior audio performance best budget floor standing speakers must be properly set up and placed. To assist you achieve the optimum sound from your floor-standing speakers. Choose a space that is the right dimensions and form for the speakers. Rooms with few expressing materials, such carpets or drapes, can lessen echoing noises and enhance clarity.

Q.2 : Do floor-standing speakers require a subwoofer for good bass performance?

The upper and bass frequencies belong in the broad frequency range that floor-standing speakers are intended to cover. Compared to smaller bookshelf or satellite speakers, many floor-standing speakers can create powerful bass since they have bigger drivers and enclosures. A subwoofer is not necessary with good floor-standing speakers as they can produce adequate bass performance on their own.


We have mentioned above the most traditional and sought-after type of speakers is floor standing, This type of speaker distinguish by its large size and full sound range. Floor speakers, as a rule, better reproduce low tones and play louder than other types of acoustics with equal power, If you form the speaker system yourself, you should know that the speaker power specified in the specification should not be higher than the amplifier power. The number of bands indicates a sound frequency separation scheme, In a two-way system, one speaker is responsible for the bass and midrange, the second – for the tweeter, If you want to get a clearer musical “picture” with well-defined bass, it is better to take speakers with subwoofer, Best floorstanding speakers under 500.